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access to a digital library of music

Because players need to pull song selections from a wide range of genres, albums, artists and times, MIXTAPE is best played using a digital library of music. We suggest using subscription based services such as Spotify, Google Play or YouTube. It's also suggested to plug your music playing device into a external speaker system. 


If you decide to play MIXTAPE using YouTube, we suggest opening 2 browser windows so that you can play selections in one window while the other window is muted. This allows the next player to search their selection without affecting game play.

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Basic Mixtape Game play: The group decides

Player one pulls a scenario card from the deck and reads it to the group. Each player then chooses and plays their song to the group. The entire group then votes which song was the best and a point is awarded to the winner. That is the end of the round.

Alternate Game play 1: You be the judge

Player one is the judge that pulls a scenario card from the deck and reads it to the group. Each player then chooses and plays a song they feel the judge will like the most. After each player has played their selection for the judge, the judge picks a winner and that player is awarded a point. That is the end of the round.

Alternate Gameplay 2: Creative writing essay

Player one gets to play a song of their choice for the group. Each player then has to write a scenario for that song. Once everyone has finished writing, the scenarios are randomly read aloud and player 1 picks their favorite. The winning scenario is awarded a point. That is the end of the round.

PS: This is also what the Reverse action card does during basic Mixtape game play.

Alternate Gameplay 3: Stir the pot

Use all of the game play methods mentioned above and play a different way each round.

Basic Scoring:

Every round is worth 1 point.

Mediumcore Scoring:

Every round has a 1st , 2nd and 3rd place. Scored 3,2,1.

Hardcore Scoring:

Every round has a 1st , 2nd and 3rd place. Scored 3,2,1.

Action Card winners are worth 5 pts.


When an action card is pulled from the deck, each player must follow the directions on the Action card. The same player will need to draw another card so that the next round has a scenario in which to take action upon. Players will then play their song whilst performing the action.


It’s natural for some players to think of and want to play a response quickly, while others take their time combing the archives of their brain; most are just impatient. Either way, we've found that as long as everyone plays a song during the round, playing in any specific order is not necessary.



How long do we let each song play?

Good songs need to be played out, sung to, even cried over. Bad ones need to be ejected as soon as possible or left alone to best prove a point. Though playing every choice in its entirety will prolong the length of game play, we love music, and think it’s best to let your group find it's own groove.

 How do you win?

You're already a winner. :) But seriously, it all depends on how you keep score, and your groups pace of play. Start out with a winner at 10 points and adjust from there. If there is a tie, players involved pull a scenario card submitting their selection to the entire group until there is one player left. Perhaps a singing-while- break-dancing-off should decide? Majority vote wins.

 How do we keep score?

Smaller, unmotivated groups are usually fine using a 1 point system. Larger groups may prefer a 3-2-1 point system. You may also decide to award winners of the Action Card round 10 pts. The more players in the group that receive points, the higher possibility the game remains competitive. Different strokes for different folks, have fun with it.




Your song choice should speak for itself, but if you need to embellish, by all means tell that awkward kissing story with too much tongue, perform those embarrassing dance moves or just flat out lie to people. Either way, good times.

 Don’t show your cards

Try to give players making their selection some privacy by placing the laptop or stereo off to the side. It’s likely that responses played throughout the game will be a surprise to you and others anyway, but this helps to bring the element of surprise and suspense.