MIXTAPE is a card game that pairs songs with life experiences. You only need 3 things to play:

  1. An imagination and/or real life experiences.
  2. Decent recollection of songs from your life and/or the ability to look songs up digitally.
  3. A means to play those songs. (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer)

Music has a profound effect on culture and life. We at MIXTAPE feel that everyone has a story to tell and a song to play. A favorite love song or sing-in-the-shower song. Maybe even a guilty pleasure that no one else knows about but you belt it out in the car every time it plays?


The original inception came from growing up and sharing music discoveries with my family. Call it soundtrack syndrome or montage mania, this was just something we did to kill time. MIXTAPE provided the outlet for the "best song to do blank to..." challenge we were constantly pitching to each other.

MIXTAPE gives you an opportunity to play your friends the soundtrack to your life. Music tied to memories, memories tied to emotions, emotions tied to life.

We challenge you to discover it for yourself. Enjoy!




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